stay current with the project in your area

Rally Networks is actively working with local community groups, state and federal institutions to help expand a more reliable network for you. Rally Networks also uses a significant amount of our own financial resources to provide you a quality experience on the internet. Below is the list of projects and their status. Please check in on this page when you are wondering about a project near you.


decatur, ar Reconnect project

kingsland, ar state grant project

rison, ar state grant project

Wyandotte, Ok Reconnect project


Golden Eagle Lake, MO state grant project

Goodman/Lanagan, MO Reconnect project

ozark, mo & AR Reconnect project

Seneca, MO reconnect project

Stoutland, MO reconnect project


Adrian, or project

goldendale, wa reconnect project

Grant county, or reconnect project

Helix Telephone project

home telephone project

Melba, ID reconnect project

north state telephone project

Oregon Telephone exchange project

Oregon Telephone reconnect project

pine telephone (east coast) project

pine telephone (west coast) project

Seneca, or project

Tygh Valley, OR reconnect project