high-speed Internet

Experience the internet the way it should be: with ultra-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. So you can work, play, and do whatever needs doing without interruption, on as many smart devices as you’d like.**

Simple Life


250 Mbps

For average families and remote workers

5 users, or up to 25 smart devices
4K video streaming, online gaming
Remote work
Home security and smart home appliances



1 Gig

For large families, remote workers, gamers, and more

10 users, or up to 50 smart devices
Simultaneous 4K video streaming, online gaming
Multiple remote workers, no-lag video conferencing
Home security and smart home appliances
Ultra-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth



2 Gig

For those who want the best of the best

20 users, or up to 100 smart devices
4K streaming and online gaming on many devices
Multiple remote workers, no-lag video conferencing
Connect unlimited home security/smart home appliances
Unlimited bandwidth and the fastest connection available!

Voice Services

When you need to get in touch, our phone service offers a connection you can count on and exceptional call quality.

Starting at $19.95/mo**

Managed Wifi

Make the most of your high-speed internet. We’ll boost your signal with Wi-Fi 6 technology, a commercial grade router, and a full system set-up.


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**Additional Voice Service plans are also available. VoIP services do not provide guaranteed 911 emergency call service. Please reach out to one of our Customer Service Representatives for more information. Residential Pricing. Fiber is not available in all areas please contact the office for details.